Important issues

<strong>Industry Guidelines&nbsp; (Issue n&deg;2 - first revision)</strong></h3>
<p class="rtejustify"><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/images/Industry%20guideline-final%2022_04_10_cover.jpg" style="margin: 5px 10px 10px 0px; width: 133px; height: 186px; float: left;" />The Industry Guideline refers to those aspects of quality assurance which are of most significance to ensure that paper and board meet the quality standards appropriate to their intended use in food contact. Our goal is to act as a responsible industry providing safe products to the market on a voluntary basis.</p>
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Next meeting dates</h3>
<p>3 April 2017</p>
<p>11.00 - 17.00: Environment &amp; Product Safety Committees joint meeting</p>
<p>17.15 - 18.15: Social Policy meeting</p>
<p>4 April 2017</p>
<p>10.00 - 12.00: Board meeting</p>
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